anyway to knock automatic update off?


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Hi iv got an alienware laptop which originally came with windows 7, i updated to 10 when the free upgrade came out a few years agog and its been running fine

however for months now im stuck in a loop whereas my laptop wants to update to the new windows as mine is no longer supported but i must have some hardware which isnt compatible, because it updates and then i have to undo the changes and its driving me nuts

is there anyway i can stop this constant wanting to update? or find out whats causing the problem and swap the hardware out? the laptop itself is great and i dont want to have to bin it off




Laptop on wifi- use the metered connection method.

My cheapish Lenovo desktop last year wouldn’t cope with an update. Update goes through the whole process before saying it hasn’t worked. Got fed up and bought a new desktop :(

(the old desktop had many other features added by age and hopeless hardware :) )


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I'd agree - it is better to fix the problem than hide the symptom.

(Not suggesting that this will be at all the same issue for you but : )

I had a similar issue with one of my machines (old, originally Win7) which had happily gone to 8, 8.1, and the early versions of 10. But at some point one of the 10 updates either failed as you describe, or succeeded but caused frequent BSODs on restart - either in the update process or in use - and sometimes just during use.

After a lot of searching and trying stuff out, in my case it eventually came to a couple of drivers left behind by an app I had previously uninstalled. Something for playing discs that came with the CD/DVD/BD drive IIRC. Deleting the two driver files and regediting references to them out and it's as solid as a rock. So in my case - not a hardware issue at all.
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If you try to update your version of Windows 10 by using the Windows 10 Update Assistant, it will check for any issues that prevent upgrading, IE incompatible hardware/drivers etc.

It will alert you on any problems found, for example an outdated driver so you can then obtain an updated driver from the manufacturers website.

Incidentally, I updated a friends laptop a year or so ago that failed to update via Windows Update but worked perfectly well using the Update Assistant tool. Just remember to back up important stuff beforehand!


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Like above. Use windows update assistant.
But run sell command update first. To get latest drivers and bios.
Also remove any av you have as this can kill the upgrade progress. Especially if you are on older than 1909


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Build an installer USB and upgrade your current version using the USB :smashin:

That should fix your looping windows update problem.


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If Windows Updates is being used then disable following services

Background Intelligent Transfer
Windows Updates
Update Orchestrator Service

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