Anytime+ Comes and Go's


I ordered Anytime+ and within a few hours, when I selected anytime, instead of the usual list view, I got thumbnails and a huge selection of stuff to watch, it was awesome. The day after I went back into anytime and it had reverted back to standard list view of the normal anytime. After a reboot the Anytime+ came back, but now its gone again and a reboot wont bring it back? Is this normal?

I am connected via ethernet 24/7


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If you are using the internet for other things (browsing, email, downloads) and it is being heavily used, the Sky Network tab will show failed in terms of WAN connectivity - and if the Sky Network tab shows failed, then Anytime+ reverts back to the old Anytime style and you can only watch programmes downloaded via satellite, not via the internet.


Thats the thing though it does not say failed it says OK in all areas lol

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