Question Anything I can use an old Acer Revo R3610 for?


Just dug one out of the cupboard, capable little multimedia machine in its day, but just wondering if I could put it to use for anything now? It was upgraded with a 500gb hybrid drive, 4gb of RAM and Windows 10.

Seems a shame to scrap it, but I've got no idea what else to do with it, inspire me! ;)


Broona - I have that exact same model and also had one just lying around, doing nothing.

What did you end up doing with it in the end?

I was planning on using mine for running the Sky Go app - at the moment I use a laptop, but it would be better to have something a little more permanent plugged in.

Based upon this:

System requirements for the new Sky Go desktop app - Sky Community

I have no idea as to how well it will work.
I'm afraid to say I ended up selling it, I only got 50 quid, but I just couldn't think of anything else that I needed to use it for.


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I am in a similar boat, now.

The device is just too slow for Sky Go (despite my stripping Windows 10 to its absolute minimum).

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