Anything easy to play & speed of Unreal Tournament?


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I've been playing Unreal Tournament recently as it's easy to jump in and play, and unlike some Multplayers it's not too fast and complicated, but is still fun.

I'm looking for something else now (need more online players)

The main thing i'm looking for is....

- Easy enough controls (not too complicated) and an easy enough game to jump in/out of to play
- Not too fast moving as i'm not the best at targeting and I get dis-orientated easily!
- Something with a large player base so that I am not online alone
- I am only looking to play online player versus player so as long as this side of the game is good I don't care hwo complicated the single player game is

Any ideas? I thought Call Of Duty but it seemed complicated and possible hard to play. Fallout 3 on youtube looke quite slow, but is it easy to play and popular... any others?

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Call of Duty 4 all the way - I was hesitant about the multiplayer at first but I am on it constantly - there are varying levels of pace depending on the match / map you use but you will find them all great fun

There is a 'Cage Match' option to cater for your Player vs Player needs as well


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I'd love to say Gears 2, but I just can't fill all, err, much of your criteria.

So I would second either COD 4 or cod:waw
COD4 definately COD5 is a much faster paced than 4 and cod4 is far better than 5.

I disagree, on COD4 it's all about running and gunning, and people are soooo good on COD4 now that a lot of time your dead every other second because people know all the best spots and where to throw grenades everytime etc. On COD5 there is much more emphasis on Sniping. The maps are much bigger for a start and there are lots of hiding places where you can lay low and ping people off from. There is also much more detail in COD5 which enables you to play stealthy.

Don't get me wrong in terms of Gameplay COD4 for me is better (online) because it's modern warfare and i'm a headless chicken style of player but COD5 has Zombie mode which is simply hilarous which for those unfamiliar with the game is simply up to 4 players CO-OP defending a building from an endless horde of Nazi Zombies :D, during the game you'll get further and further pinned back and you'll have to lock down different parts of the building until eventually you can no longer hang on. Basically your seeing how many levels you can survive.

Great fun with mates or random people from XBL and not fast paced, but you get the fright factor when you turn around only to see a Zombie about to eat you alive, definately worth playing late at night with the lights out... :D

You can also play Singleplayer online in COD5 which is great, again 4 of you in CO-OP mode or competative to see who is better.
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I would say have a look at Halo 3.

The multiplayer is great and due to really good matchmaking I get matched up against similarly skilled players. Its very popular to so there are always plenty of matches and game types to play.

As for jumping and speed I think it's not as fast as Unreal Tourny but you can jump somewhat high and it can be somewhat fast paced.

CoD4 and Gears of War 2 are great online and are one of my fav shooter games but I think the pace maybe a little slower than Halo.
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My vote would go to Left 4 Dead. Easy to jump in an out of, and both campaign and versus are simple yet good fun.



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I'd second Halo 3. Left 4 Dead is cracking in both co-op and versus, but it actually requires competence, tactics and co-ordination to succeed at higher difficulties or in versus.

The Call of Duty games are slower-paced, but unforgiving and rewarded by perks, classes, experience and constant online play. They're not really best for "drop-in" players, which the OP seems to be suggesting they are, and the aiming requires precision.

I'm not arguing it's better than the other games - that's a pointless discussion, each has merits - but IMO Halo is the "purest" online shooter out of the ones mentioned so far. It is fast, fun, chaotic, and a more traditional shooter than many others. It even has its own version of the UT announcements for getting kill streaks, awarded in the form of in-game medals. There are weapon spawn points like in UT, power-ups, and amazing levels of depth and nuance if you really want to play it a lot. There are also vehicles. Quite a few, in fact.

In summary, Halo most closely resembles UT3, but is also entirely its own game. If you liked UT3, I'd be surprised if you didn't like Halo.

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