Anything better than a SR606.


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Hi I am in the market for a 5.1/7.1 receiver with a budget of £400-£600

The older Onkyo TX-SR606 looks exactly like what i want. I am not fussed about any Video upscaling features but a decent GUI would be helpful.

I bought an over complicated cheapy Sony Receiver (£280) a while back was not very inpressed. Returned it right away. (noob purchase)

The SR-606 will be connected to a PC (Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro 7.1) and a VM+ HD box and a Sony Media Player (hmm USB or Port). Used in a large bedroom.

It has been argued that PC sound is better using analogue inputs 5.1/7.1 (which that new TX-SR607 has lost). Rather than an optical IN

Is this true ? for Music or Games.

Also can anyone suggest Anything better than a SR606 with in my budget ?

I will also be purchasing a set of 5.1 speakers (once i can afford them) for about £500. What would compliment the suggested receiver ?

Any advice would be greatly received.

Thanks again GD


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Not better enough to warranty the extra £150 needed to procure one.

denon 1909, yamaha dsp ax 863/763

The Denon AVR 1909 is now discontinued and practically impossible to get hold of.

The Yamaha models are being replaced and in very short supply. If your want either the Yamaha DSP-AX763 or the DSP-AX863SE, you'll have to order one from a retailer and hope they are given enough stock to fulfil your order. Aparently the waiting lists for these two amps are rather long.

For the speakers, I'd suggest either:

Wharfdale Diamond 9 HCP £350:

Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 £450:
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Thanks for your quick replies.

Genius 607 is obvious but lacks the Analogue Inputs or seperate DVD audio channels the 606 has.

However 607 gets a really good reiviews on Cnet and Techradar. I will check out the suggested equipment.

I'm listern to a lot of Music via my PC. Hmmm gawd its a nightmare trying to get the right balance between music, games and HD TV.

I wonder if i could get away with a £400-£500 stero amp using my very old Symphany 6 floor standers. Would a decent Sub woofer compliment that set up (sorry side tracking the thread)

Dante1, both those sets of speakers look awesome, just what I am looking for cheers. Hmmm what to do lol

lil old me

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Ordered a refurbished 876 from them yesterday and its now plugged in and working perfectly in my lounge :) so id say theyre pretty efficient!


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I got a conformation of my order after I ordered last night. But no email tonight with a possible dispatch date.

So I phoned them.

They have upgraded me to a TX-SR607 for the same price (£350)

Which sounds fantastic but lacks the inputs I require.

Nevermind I'll give it a shot.


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Well the TX-SR607 arrived yesterday.

Inital thoughts are promising.

At the minute I'm only using it in a RCA Stereo setup (untill I can afford some nice 5.1 speakers)

I still think I'm missing the Full 5.1 DVD RCA inputs. However the Direct Stereo/Pure Stereo modes sound very good.

My thoughts are:

Connect the PC Sound Card using OPTICAL for games and movies.

Use Stereo RCA inputs from PC and Sony Walkman for MUSIC.

And Finally and obviously HDMI from V+ HD box.

The 607 had so many MODES once the 5.1 speakers are installed, I'm sure it will be versitle enough to sound great using any of these inputs.

Can anyone see any flaws in that setup, apart from having change settings now and again.

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