Anyone worried about security??


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Just wondering with the PS3's web browser if this opens it up to hacking opportunities. Microsoft with IE are no stranger to this. I know that Sony(can't remember which) have a 3rd party browser sorted, but won't there be an endless list of updates to a no doubt endless list of security issues.

Surely this is why the 360 has (at present) no web browser because M$ are all too aware of the inherent problems involved!? I'm sure that most of us using IE know about this. What makes Sony so sure that these issues won't affect them?
Where have you heard that you'll be able to surf the net using a PS3? Can you provide me with a link please. If it's true


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I believe it will allow web browsing as the PS3 does come with Linux and supports a keyboard and mouse.

Plus SONY have said that with a PS3 'You don't need the PC'


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Does it run Word too? ;)

I think the novelty of web browsing would wear off very quickly.

Linux is interesting though. They haven't mentioned it for a while now but I'm wondering how sandboxed it will be. If it's not, it'll be every hackers dream come true.

I expect we'll have to wait for TGS to learn anything substantial.


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Wilt said:
Where have you heard that you'll be able to surf the net using a PS3? Can you provide me with a link please. If it's true

Watch this video, at the end the web browser is demostrated....


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runam0k said:
Unfortunately the PS3 will likely launch with a stripped down dashboard, at least according to this:
thats the dev kit UI though, which is probably going to be more stripped down compared to the retail UI.
I think the final UI (on launch PS3's) will be versy similar to what was shown at E3, prehaps with out one or two things (web browser maybe) which will them be offered at a later date by sytem update


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i have to say that Sony really does release interesting features and new stuff in there firmware releases

just look at PSP always getting better and better not just bug fixes


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And the 360 blaunched with a stripped down dashboard as new stuff was added in the spring update and they intend to do more in future updates, so shouldn't be a problem


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if a keyboard is released for it you wont need word, excel etc, as the whole of the productivity world is moving online too.

youll just navigate to a company that hosts your word processing app or spreadsheet app, and work away.


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