Anyone work for Santander?

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Evening all.
I have a Abbey/Santander saving account and I have tried to speak to a rep at Santander but I honestly can't get a straight forward answer.
I have a Visa debit card and in the summer I'm off to one of the Greek islands.
I want to know how much I will be charged for using my debit card as a cashpoint card. I've spoken to a Santander rep, he has told me that I will be charged between a min £1.99 to a max £4.99. I asked him is this min-max dependent on how much I withdraw and if so how much would I incur on say 100 Euros.
He couldn't say whether this amount would cost me £1.99 or £4.99!

Can anyone shed some light on my question please.

Many thanks.


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You may have to pay a fee for buying currency. Check before buying to see how much you'll have to pay. If you use your Santander Visa debit card, or Santander cash card to withdraw cash abroad, a cash handling fee of 1.5% of the value (min £1.99) will be applied. The bank whose cash machine you're using might also charge you a fee. If you use your Santander card outside of the UK, a fee of 2.75% of the transaction value will be charged. If you withdraw money from a cash machine there is an additional handling fee of 3% (minimum £3) when you use a Santander Credit Card.

*For up to date information or advice on using your credit card worldwide or to withdraw cash, please call our Customer Service Helpline, available 24 hours a day on 08459 724 724*.

Use an ATM Abroad

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Not too sure but I applied for an Abbey Zero Credit Card for my holiday. Its a credit card however there's no charges for ATM withdrawals abroad. You do pay 27.9% APR interest on cash withdrawn however if you clear the balance when you get home it won't cost a lot (1-2 weeks interest)

To give an idea £1000 withdrawn would cost about £23 in interest if you took one month to clear it, obviously if you clear it as soon as you get home it will be less.


You've got zero to lose

> 0% for 12 months on balance transfers from date of account opening.
To get you started with the new Santander Zero credit card, you'll pay 0% interest for 12 months from date of account opening, when you transfer balances from your other credit and store cards.

> 0% foreign exchange fee
If you're travelling abroad, using your Santander Zero card is a great option. Use it while you're away to pay for everything from coffee and croissants, to sightseeing trips and take comfort in paying no additional fees.

> 0% cash advance fee
It's reassuring to know that if you ever unexpectedly need cash from an ATM, you'll pay zero fees for cash withdrawals1

> 0% for 3 months on purchases from date of account opening

And to help you spread the costs of major purchases, Santander Zero gives you 0% on all purchases you make in the first 3 months from date of account opening. Perfect if you're thinking about booking a holiday. After that you'll pay our standard interest rate of 18.9% APR typical (variable).

No annual fee
Typical 18.9% APR (variable)

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