Anyone witha Philips 6517???


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Could anyone with the above tv please post the original geometry settings... Played around with the settings and managed to make it worse than it origianally was and forgot to write down the settings... :(

Any help would be much appreciated,


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also, if no-one can help with this specific tv does anyone know what the CLEAR? function at the top of the philips service menu does?
Will this reset geometry settings to how they were when i recieved the TV?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi I have a Philips 24PW6006 which I think has the same menu structure as your set. However the settings in each individual set are different to each other. I had bowing at the sides and used settings such as EWP (East West Parabola) and EWT (East West Trapezium) to correct it. It took a lot of gradual tweaking using the THX video setup features on the Star Wars Attack of the Clones DVD. Rememebr that some of the settings will differ in the varoius aspect ratio settings.
I am now only left with a slight bowing of the horizontal bars at the top and bottom of the screen. philps stated that these settings are not adjustable are within tolerances and horizontal bowing is present in all of the sets of thsi model. My local TV engineer said that slight geometry probelms were unavoidable in sets of this price level.
The clear function is not to reset geometry settings to default. It clears any error codes that may be displayed at the top of the service menus.
Anyway the following site has loads of info about service menus etc for Philps sets
Also this link gives a really good explanation of the various settings and their functions.
Hope this is of some help. I am sure with persistence you will sort out the geometry to an acceptable level.


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thanks alot for the reply rocky...
ur right, with alot, and i mean alot, of persistence I now have the screen back to an acceptable viewing level. Thanks alot to everone who has helped and mods, please feel free to close this thread now...

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