Anyone with DTS reciever got PS5 to output DTS?


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My 5.1 receiver I set to input mode "Auto" and on the PS4 Pro audio settings I could choose one of 3 options:
  • "Dolby Linear PCM" (Which would show on receiver as "Pro Logic".)
  • "Bitstream (Dolby) (Which would show on receiver as "Dolby Digital".)
  • "Bitstream (DTS)" (Which would show on receiver as "DTS".)
All good and what I would expect.

BUT the PS5 does not seem to output a DTS signal it's like this:
  • "Linear PCM" (Shows on receiver as "Pro Logic".)
  • "Dolby (Shows on receiver as "Dolby Digital".)
  • "DTS" (ALSO shows on receiver as "Dolby Digital") NOT DTS, WHY?
Other audio settings on the PS5 are HDMI / AV Amplifier / 5.1Ch

For more info on my setup:
I have a Yamaha RX-V795RDS receiver which supports 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS. As it does not have any HDMI support I use optical input for my audio. So my setup is as follows:

Game Console HDMI out -> Matrix HDMI in (Ezcoo EX-MX42PRO-HAS)
Matrix HDMI out -> TV HDMI in
Matrix Optical -> Receiver

PS5 is on latest (at time of writing) firmware 21.01-
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I've been through similar recently too (i think). My Yamaha amp is older so the 4k passthrough for video doesn't display 2160p for the PS5, Ps4 Pro or One X. For this reason i have the HDMI out of the consoles direct to my 4k projector.

For the PS4 and One X i use optical from them to the amp to give me 5.1. The PS5 has no optical out so i bought a 4k audio extractor with optical out to take the signal from that to the amp, and HDMI out of that to the projector. Sounds great on paper but the amp wasn't showing 5.1 on its display from the PS5/audio extractor.

The 4k audio extractor i bought conveniently is also a splitter, so i now go HDMI in to that from the PS5 and two HDMI's out; one to the pj and one to the amp. The amp display now shows 5.1 (and Ratchet And Clank sound glorious).

tl;dr the PS5 i believe is a funny bugger when it comes to outputting sound. For less than £20 maybe try the way i have it set up, to see if you get the result you wish for?

Sorry! Just read your amp doesn't have HDMI support, ignore my waffle then!

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I have an old Sony HT-SS1100 5.1 surround sound system and used the optical out with my PS4 Pro to output DTS from the console.

As mentioned, the PS5 does not have an optical audio port but, thankfully, my LG B9 TV does so I just connected the optical cable from my Sony surround sound system to my TV and set the audio in the PS5 settings to DTS. On my TV, I use the passthrough option for optical to receive DTS audio through my 5.1 setup for not only the PS5 but my Xbox One X and it shows as DTS on the front LED display.

The only issue I have is that the audio sometimes drops out for a split second from time to time but not often enough to be a major annoyance.


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@Pavey thanks, the HDMI Matrix I already have does audio extraction (in my case I use the optical output of the matrix to my receiver/AVR). So it works and I can get 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound by setting the PS5 to Dolby. It's just I expected the PS5 to output a DTS signal when I choose DTS in the PS5 sound settings but for me my AVR does not seem to get a DTS signal (when it did with the PS4 Pro using exactly the same setup).

@Doctor Hades thanks for the reply. Can I ask does it show as DTS signal on your LED display immediately when you select the DTS option on the PS5? (That's what my PS4 Pro used to do). Or does it only show DTS on the LED when you play something with a DTS soundtrack?

My TV (Samsung Q95T) does not support DTS passthrough so if I ignore my matrix and do PS5 HDMI -> TV then TV Optical -> AVR I know I will only be able to get Dolby 5.1 to work. And 5.1 Dolby Digital does also work this way BUT it introduces a VERY noticeable audio sync issue which I cannot live with, especially when watching Netflix on PS5.

Of course one disadvantage of using a device like my matrix or the amazon linked HDMI splitter is that the video signal will not be able to support any HDMI 2.1 features such as 120hz support. A specific HDMI 2.1 device would be needed for that and I don't think there are many options at the moment. But personally I want my sound in sync and don't want to buy a new AVR so I will live with the matrix and no 120 hz/fps support for now.

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