Anyone with a Philips Pixel+ TV got the AVIA setup disk?

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Aug 16, 2000
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I have noticed something horrible on the GAMMA CHART test card when using Pixel plus and want to see if its just me.

Does anyone have AVIA and a Pixel Plus TV who wants to try this?



Now select 'COLOR DECODER'

No skip tracks to YC DELAY, STATIC ZONE PLATE, MOVING ZONE PLATE (HIGH), MOVING ZONE PLATE (LOW) and finally onto the GAMMA CHART test card.

This test has a number of grey boxes on a background of horizontal lines.

After doing it this way (i.e going through the other tests), the background is an awful shimmering mess.. If you then switch to "100hz Dig. Scan" it looks perfect (i.e a load of horizontal lines)..

Now switch back... It still shimmers but looks better.

I have a feeling that one of the previous tests (probably the Moving Zone Plate) gets PP+ in a funny state.

If you start at the main menu (SPECIAL TESTS) and select 'GAMMA CHART', you don't get the 'awful shimmer mess', you just get the 'shimmer'.

Can anyone test this and let me know whether I have a problem.
The shimmering you are seeing on the gamma test chart are de-interlacing errors due to the incorrect motion vectors supplied be the motion estimator in the Natural Motion processor. Fine periodical image structures such as the stripes in this test pattern can confuse motion estimators, even the very expensive professional systems. You will notice that sometimes it gets it right and the details are ok but other times it can decend into a mass of shimmering blocks.

This is a very tough test for a motion estimator but such patterns are very rare in actual video and film based material. But now that you have seen it you will probably notice it more readily when it does occur in normal viewing!
I have no problem with that explaination.. But when you get to that test card after watching the previous ones its more than just shimmering. Its a complete mess!

After stopping and re-starting the DVD (or turning Pixel+ off and on again) its back to normal (i.e shimmering).

I am hoping that someone with a Philips TV has the AVIA disk will be able to confirm what I am seeing.

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