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Hi all. :)

In US forums, I have read quite a lot of positive posts about digital receivers, mainly the Panasonics and Sonys.

Panasonic models coming out soon:

I'm surprised not to see them mentionned often over here (including the Denon 770).

Would anyone be willing to share their experience with these supposedly "future of amplification"?

TIA. ;)


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Some info about the Denon AVR-770SD:

• 6-channel digital power amp with total output of 600 watts
- Dolby Virtual Speaker, for dramatic surround in 2 or 2.1 channels • Dolby Headphone for private surround
• 32-bit floating point Hammerhead SHARC DSP, as used in DENON's £3000.00 high-end AV amps.
• Auto Decode function detects the format of the incoming signal from the disc being played and selects the most appropriate surround decoder. Multi-channel sources in DTS and Dolby are played back in surround. 2-channel sources can be played in stereo or in multi-channel via Dolby Pro Logic II / DTS Neo:6
• Video Conversion converts composite to S-Video
• Comprehensive inputs & outputs inc component video
• 6ch external input supports SACD & DVD-Audio multi channel sources
• Banana plug speaker terminals for all channels • 435 (W) x 80 (H) x 380 (D) mm


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Thanks for the reply, hornydragon. ;)

The Sunfire has preamp outputs for all channels.
This would seem to indicate it's not a true digital pre/amp (as I understand it), as there would have to be a digital to analog conversion somewhere.
Maybe the conversion is only present to feed these outputs, and the path between the pre and amp actually stays in the digital domain.


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I didnt go to see the sunfire range it just happened to be driving the soeakers i was auditioning. The lack of DVi or HDMI makes me think that you are probably right but are you talking of Digital processing, Digital amplification or Digtal signal paths?


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"...are you talking of Digital processing, Digital amplification or Digtal signal paths?"

All of the above. ;)
If you use the digital input, the signal stays digital from the source to the speakers.
In the case of the forthcoming Panasonic receiver and DVD player, multi-channel DVD-Audio is passed through the HDMI lead.

Some interesting reading:


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I've been following some of the threads on the digital amps. That they supposedly sound this go so early in their life is a good sign but it doesn't look like they're always a magic way to great sound. The Panny needs some tweaking to give it's best apparently and the Harman DPR 1001 gets panned more than it gets praised.

I was thinking of trying the BK electronics modules or even building a Zap pulse stereo amp. Haven't got the spare cash to waste on experiments at the moment unfortunately. :(

That Denon looks very interesting and only £350 I wonder how it handles low impedence loads?

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