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Anyone who's looking in Norfolk



To anyone who's looking in norfolk for a wii, there is a shop called Electronic theatra in Sheringham and Cromer, I rang them to ask about availability and this is the info I got

They are due 2 deliveries before christmas, the first is going to be in single figures but the second is supposed to be in double figures, this is the way they are going to be selling them to give everyone a chance.

You have to ring about 5pm to find out if they've had them in stock that day, if they have they will tell you so and you have to be there ready for when the shop opens at 10am (check but i'm sure thats the time) the next day. The first shipment was due today but it didn't arrive, he said slim chance they may arrive tomorrow but if not try monday.


Sheringham branch 01263 822533
Cromer branch 01263 515464

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