Anyone who owns a Sumvision Cyclone PLEASE ANSWER!


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I am going round in circles here! I think I want one but until a month ago I didn't know they existed and I don't anyone with a media player!

Easy questions!!!!!

1 What do/can they actually do?
2 What are the variations (ie MKV etc)?
3 What do YOU use them for?
4 What are the alternatives or is this company the only one? Are there not any more recognisable brands????

I don't want to order one and then make a mistake as there loads of different ones on Amazon and ebuyer.

I want to record and save my sky+ programmes onto it to burn to dvd at a later date. I want to run all my VCR tapes onto it to view easier and burn portions to dvd at a later date. I want it to be the pcs hardrive backup drive when not in use - I think these players suggest this is all possible!!!!
Oh and I supose it should be HD ready I suppose too.


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Sorry to sound rude but this thread has had 131 views. I assume some of those must be owners of one of these machines as stated in the question.

All I want to know is what exactly they do and I cannot find a review ANYWHERE! Christmas is almost here and I wanted to get this sorted as I have asked in a few threads without any answers despite people talking about the very thing I want to know about!!!! I have contacted sellers who sell them and they havn't contacted me either!

I am beginning to think I have dreamt the machine up!
Any info on what they are able to do, perks and quirks etc would be very greatfully received.:lease:


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I'll let you know when I get my MKV2 Cyclone.

The differences are in the connectivity, some have extra input/output ports. All appear to play most file types, and some can take an internal HDD whereas others need hooked up to network drive.

Its pretty poor the amount of info on these devices, took me an age to find anyhting out.


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I'll let you know when I get my MKV2 Cyclone.

Thanks, that would be great if you would. I would also appreaciate just a simple few lines of all the things it does as I really don't know. I desperately want one but am certain I will buy the wrong the wrong thing! To late for Christmas now and I will have to pay the extra VAT but so be it!

If anyone knows of any links reviewing or describing these products, that would also be very useful.


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sounds like you want an all singing machine like the cyclone hd 2 which has extra aux input for sky box dvd what ever you want to add to it ,
it plays all file types including image files such as iso
it also has out put ,i have mine connected to stereo and projector so i can watch movies like in the cinema
mine has an issue with freezing at the moment but beleive this is just a faulty box as i own the previous version as well and this had no issues but didnt record

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