Anyone want to employ a talented composer?


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Ah what the hell, you never know who looks in here.

For years I've listened to people tell me I have a great gift as a musical composer, and for years I've modestly shrugged it off and said 'very kind of you to say so, but I'm just a pianist with access to a PC and some software.

But I'm slowly changing my mind.
People are taking a real interest in my orchestral mockups, and I do seam to have a knack for creating rich scores with strong melodies... and it seams to come quite easily to me.

So, while I reflect on how meaningless my life would be if I stayed another 10 years with my existing employer, I'm seriously contemplating throwing caution to the wind and persuing a life in and around music production... in whatever form that may take.

I know how rediculously competitive it is, and I'm not going to do an XFactor sob story, or tell you my life history here... but this game is about chance, contacts and determination.
So ... anyone in a position to take a chance on me?


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Here's an idea for you: AFAIAW, the AVF videos/podcasts use some sort of stock music. Why don't you compose something for us ? No idea if it would pay anything; no idea if Stuart would even be interested but give him a shout maybe. At the very least you might get to sport a Custom User Title of "Forums Official Composer" :smashin: and your work would get some decent exposure.



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I havn't asked yet, though it isn't off my radar.

I think maybe I need to learn more about electronic production before I can claim to be able to produce the short, electronic sounding signature themes as used in the AVF podcasts and videos.

Give me a nature documentary, or a film needing an orchestral piece to enhance a story or emotion on cue, and my creative juices will start flowing.

However, I'm hoping to hook up with someone in the next couple of weeks who knows a thing or two about electronic music production.
The idea is to combine my musical instinct with his technical skill and hopefully learn a lot from each other.

It would be great to be the official AVF composer though. :D


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Well, Stuart won't come running to you...

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