Anyone visited Ikea recently?

Am planning a trip on Saturday and a little worried whether my goodies will fit in the back on my wifes estate.

Does anyone know whether or not Ikea still sell roof bars? They used to have them next to the checkouts, just trying to cover all bases.



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Personally I've never seen any during our visits to Ikea. Not saying they ain't there but I don't "think" they are.


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Naaktgeboren said:
That's how I roll :laugh:
I was going to suggest you could borrow my estate but it might be a tighter squeeze? All depends on the length of what your tryin to fit in?


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Bring ropes so if you need to you can have the boot open but tied down. What are you looking to buy? I was able to fit a king size bed in a corsa with some clever packing.


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Earlier this year mrs f01 wanted a new bedroom set. Being the queen of tetris, she managed to get a double wardrobe (2m tall), doors, a dressing table (1.5m tall), two chests of drawers (one 1.5m tall, the other 0.9m tall) and a bedside table in a standard (not estate) pug 307.

Granted, it drove like a rolls canardly on the way home...rolls down hills, canardly get up them. :laugh:



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There web site has the measurments of the package, dont they?
Shure I got loads of stuff in my Clio after checking, all went in well.


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They will deliver it for you the same day for some fee I can't remember.

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