Anyone using Xbox Series S/X as primary streamer?


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I'm thinking about getting an S, tempted by an X (to replace a PS4 Pro) but ideally I'd like it to act as my primary streaming device if I did and I was wondering if anyone has/does and what the thoughts were?

I have Sky Q which I'd continue to use but currently also have a 4k Apple box for Netflix/Prime/Disney as it regularly gives the best performance and makes it relatively simple for the family. It would be great if the apps on Sky or my Philips TV gave universal 4k/Dolby et al but it's a mixed bag and hit or miss with features.

So, with a series S/X, could I drop the ATV and still have a premium streaming experience?

(I did look at putting this in the Xbox forum but the forum name is "Games Forum" so apologies if in the wrong place)


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Streaming apps HDR is an issue with Xbox from what I recall, even if you turn off the always on HDR mode streaming apps force HDR output on SDR content. Dont know if thats been fixed.

Also if you get an X (or PS5) you will have high power consumption even while just streaming video.


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I use my series x for streaming all the major services and have no issue with hdr or dv content.

The only issues I've got are the iptv apps ain't that good (so use tivimate on a fire stick) and I can't play 4k stuff via kodi, which seems to be a known issue.

Otherwise, it's really good for me!!

The original media remote is great (had mine for years and it's still going strong) not sure what the newer ones are like.....



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Thanks both, sounds like not quite there on that side then. The IR remote is a draw and one of the reasons I went to ATV (we have a couple of harmony remotes and have no interest in upgrading to elite) but if the apps aren't quite there, it would be gaming only wile the ATV works so well.

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