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May 31, 2003
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In order to get my HTPC working with my PJ correctly over DVI I have had to buy a new video card. Previously I used a Radeon 9600 with TT for playback, I am now using a nVidia card.

I also started using NVDVD (vs 2.55) yesterday, and after reading about it some where using the VMR9 option that the player gives me. I have found it gives excellent results, somewhat smoother/less harsh than what I was using prevously.

Not knowing a lot about it, I wondered if anyone else was using VMR9 and could shed some light on it for me?, also what other software players have support for it ?? (as Theatertek doesnt at present - AFAIK).
Zoom Player can use VMR9. I'm currently undecided about the PQ - it seems a little bit too soft - especially if you have antialiasing and anisotropic filtering turned up too high. It also messes up the brightness, whereas with overlay I can leave my PJ settings pretty much default.

The other downside is performance, which takes a hit if you want to use ffdshow with resize and a few other filters, as well as VMR9.

VMR7/9 can deinterlace the video, but this seems a bit superfluous when the video has already been deinterlaced by the video codecs. I'd be interested to know if anyone has found a way of stopping a video codec deinterlacing so that you could use dscaler or VMR7/9.
Thanks for the response.

I am a HTPC novice, however I do find the PQ to be quite pleasing when using VMR9, it just seems less harsh/noisy than what I was previously using from a HTPC. I am not using any post processing, just the player itself (NVDVD).

Hopefully you can help, as you say I have noticed that settings including brightness are different from overlay when I enable VMR9, but I have also found that the default settings using overlay need to be changed (namely, contrast/saturation needs bringing down and brightness up).

Also setting changes (i.e brightness etc) that I administer when using VMR9 in NVDVD do not take effect until after I have made the change, exited the player, then restarted the player - is this right ??

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