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Anyone using Synology or Qnap NAS device with an Archos?


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I'm presently quite successfully streaming video content from my PC to an Archos 705 wifi player via WMP11 and the UPnP protocol.

However, I'm looking for a NAS device to use instead of the PC, and after narrowing it down to either the Synology or Qnap range, I wondered if anyone had already sucessfully used these devices to stream to an Archos player?

Do you need to run TwonkyVision to get the best results?


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If anyone stumbles across this posting whilst searching for similar information, the Archos works fine with a Synology DS107+. It also works well with TwonkyVision (on an old PC) too.


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I have a QNAP 209 and it uses Twonky build 4.4.4 to stream across my network. To test whether it would work with your Archos, I would download a trial version to your PC and see how it goes. I don't think that there is very much difference if any between the Twonky version installed on the NAS and the one that you can get for a PC


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Thanks for your reply ahar. Yep, I've had the Archos running on Twonky, I was just posting to let others know that it would work on both as I couldn't find any find on this anywhere when I was looking. :thumbsup:


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I am using a Synology DS-106e (latest firmware) with an Archos TV+ (also with latest firmware and the Archos Cinema plugin installed).

For the most part this arrangement works fine. I can locate the DiskStation and stream music and photos perfectly to the TV+ using UPnP.

AVI files also seem to stream fine to the TV+. The problems started when I tried to stream MPEG2-TS files. These files were recorded from Terrestrial freeview broadcasts using my Humax PVR-9200T and then transferred to the Video folder on the Synology DiskStation. These files play fine when transferred directly to the TV+'s internal hard disk but did not appear under UPnP. This was quickly resolved by renaming the file extension from .ts to .mpg - I am guessing the Synology UPnP server only publishes files with extensions matching a set of known extensions e.g. .wmv, .mpg, etc.

I am now able to stream about half of the TS files (now renamed to have .mpg extensions) to the TV+ but the other half seem to be unable to play. When I try to play one of these files the TV+ starts to load it and I can see the progress bar quickly fill up as per usual. When the progress bar is full, the screen goes black as though about to play the programme but then flicks back almost immediately to the programme list. There is no error message or information as to why the programme did not play.

I am not able to discern any consistent differences (e.g. bitrate, resolution, etc.) between the TS files that will play and those that will not. As I have said previously, I can play all the files perfectly if I transfer them to the Archos TV+'s internal hard disk.

Does any one have any ideas?

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