Question Anyone using separate Facebook (or google) accounts .... eg. for gaming, social media...


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I am not a keen fan of the way Facebook/google track our every move. I have generally stayed away from simple things like liking videos on YouTube or using my Facebook/google ID to setup accounts on sites requiring registration

I noticed that my Oculus account has my middle name as well, something that could only have been done by Facebook (the company) after scraping my details off Facebook ... or maybe I logged into a social aspect of oculus VR once with my Facebook account. I can't seem to be able to remove it so not pleased at all.

So this got me thinking what do others who value their privacy do? Are you using separate google/Facebook accounts to keep your details secure?

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I don't use Facebook. I begrudgingly use WhatsApp though I did encourage a few groups to try Viber, it didn't stick.

I do use Google and sign in to use Youtube; however, I use the Brave browser and my go to search engine is Duckduckgo. I also avoid using Google to sign in to most things and simply register with a username and password, though its more effort.

I try and spread my activity around so to manage the personal information companies keep of me.


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I just use my bog standard Facebook account and my Blueyonder email address that I've had for donkey's years.

It's WAY too late to start worrying about internet privacy and stuff. Google have known your inside leg measurement, what you have for breakfast every morning and what sort of porn you watch since the 90s. 😂😂😂

Using separate accounts for gaming is shutting the proverbial stable door tbh.


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It is late in the day as you said so will just go with the flow. I have also downloaded the brave browser



Yes definitely too late.
Do you EVER connect to the internet with ANY device?
Do you have Alexa?
Do you have a smart phone?
If so they already know everything about you.
Have you ever sat in your kitchen and talked about something, then the next day Alexa/Amazon has adverts for what you were talking about, or your favourite web pages (including AVF) have adverts for the same thing?
Its already happened, just accept it or get rid of all the tech you own.


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Thug, these are part of the reason which I am getting sick all the averts that keep showing up based on searches I have done in the past. Strange to think that a couple of years ago we thought the biggest treat to our privacy were CC cameras, not realising we should be worried about google/amazon/Facebook and every other company providing cloud platforms for analytics

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