Anyone using 'normal' speakers connected to their Panasionic/Toshiba

Jon Weaver

Distinguished Member
I always intended to buy the official speakers, but there was no way I was paying £300.

But I still want speakers as I want to use them for 'casual' watching.. I dug out some tidy looking 'rear' speakers left over from my old Sony TV which looked surprisingly nice next to my Centre speaker.

However, last night I tested then on a small Hi-Fi and they are horrible.. They sound so tinny and have NO bass at all.

My only criteria is that they must be less than 230mm.

The other problem is that the Plamsa has a 6 ohm output

I went to Richer Sounds, and they have some 'Gale' Satellite speakers which are EXACTLY 230mm, however, they are 8 ohm.

Does anyone know of any speakers that I could use. I am tempted to give the Gale ones a go.. They are only £50 and I dont' believe think that 8ohm connected to a 6ohm output will do any harm.

Does anyone know of any small speakers which would do the job?


I'm using the Denon SCM50's. Not sure about exact measurements but they are pretty close to what you want and they are 6ohms. £50 and excellent sound.

Jon Weaver

Distinguished Member
Pefect.. Exactly what I am looking for.

I looked on the Denon web site and can't find any mention of them.. Saying that, I can't find ANY speakers.

Where did you get them?

Can you confirm the hight? The must be less than 230mm, or I can't use them.

All the best


Jon Weaver

Distinguished Member
Found them.. No good, they are 240mm..

Its a shame, as it 6 ohm, they are perfect.

Thanks for the pointer.

Anyone else got any tips??

Jon Weaver

Distinguished Member
Hi Liam,

THanks for that, I was intending to get 8ohm speakers anyway (as 6ohm are difficult to find).. I just need to find out whats small speakers are about and where I can get them.

Most speakers sold seperatly are too big, and the ones which are the right sort of size are usually sold with a small Hifi.

The closest I have found are Gale Satellite 10s in Richer Sounds (Also sold as Eltax models).. But they are out of stock.

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