Anyone using Mac Mini as a media server?? Newby needs advice/tips


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HI All,
After panicking about my growing music library and the shrinking HDD sizes on the new macbook range I decided to pick up a used mac mini to use as a server thingy (you can tell I am new to this!!). I cant use match because I am over the 25,000 song limit.

I was hoping to get some advice about the best way to do this and some general tips on controlling the mac mini, syncing IOS devices and anything else that might be useful.
I was hoping to also store media on the mac mini and play it via my apple tv etc?

I will be keeping my macbook pro but use it as a general internet browser but I do want to be able to access the music on the mac mini (not sure if I need to keep both libraries or move my current library to the mac mini, delete my macbook music library then open the shared library on the macbook???

I am sure there will be a few folks out there who are doing something similar to me so any tips would be fantastic!.

I should add that my current setup is:
- Macbook pro (with all music on the HDD) streams music to airport express which is connected to my amp and via Ethernet to my airport extreme.
- Apple TV connected via Ethernet to airport extreme and my tv

Proposed setup:
- Mac mini connected via Ethernet to airport extreme, HDMI to tv & audio to amp.
- Remove airport express?
- Apple tv connected to tv and Ethernet to airport extreme??


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