Anyone using HTPC with Bravia 32"


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I have this setup and despite downloading powerstrip I still can't resize the screen to include the small sections that the bravia insists on not displaying. Can someone talk me through the settings I need to apply using powerstrip or an alternative solution?

Cheers, Rob.


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What graphics card do you have?
If it's an ATI card you can set up custom resolutions with their 'Catalyst' software (mines set at 1216 x 676 and looks fine).


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Have you tried VGA - VGA?

I can't recall the exact detail, but there was a fair amount of discussion on the LCD forum for this specific TV and I read somewhere that it doesn't have 1:1 mapping via the hdmi connection. There's talk elsewhere on the below thread about how you can't give a picture 768 pixels high over the hdmi connection. However the VGA 15pin d-sub connection does give you a perfect 1:1 mapping, straight through without any image processing.


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What model TV do you have?

I have a 32v2000 connected via VGA and it looks fanastic. I have 1:1 mapping at 1360x768 but when I just set the output res to 1360x768 I was getting overscan. Turning of the EDID thing in catalyst sorted that out.


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The tv is a Sony BRAVIA KDL-V32A12U 32"

The Graphics card is a 256MB NVIDIA 6600 Graphics Card DVI / VGA

I've looked all over the back of the Bravia and if it has a VGA port i'm missing it!


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