Anyone using Hades canyon for retro emulators?


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I was dabbling with emulators on the 2012 Mac mini and the likes of Dolphin Emulator works okay for some games. I read that Windows drivers are much better with these emulators so I installed W10 via Bootcamp as a test and the difference was night and day at 1x resolution - everything runs perfectly with the likes of Wii games. I also have PPSSPP running PSP games really well although that also runs well under Mac.
I was looking at upgrading to the new Mac Mini 2018 but now considering an Intel Hades Canyon NUC and running the games at 4x + resolution as they look fantastic and the new minis do not have a strong GPU.
Does anyone else using Hades Canyon for emulation and what are your thoughts? I know it will be overkill for some of the older systems such as N64 for the kids but if I'm going to get a box to handle emulators, I want one that will perform the task well at much higher resolutions.


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I have a Skull canyon and use it to run coinops Forgotten Worlds 3 which basically emulates anything you want with a slick front end. Currently it's running everything from Mame, Nes, snes, MS, MD, all the way to ps1, Gamecube, Wii and Wii U. I havent tested Ps2 but I imagine it should be possible. I think a Hades Canyon is way too much unless you want recent emulation at 4k so grab one if you get a good deal with bargain components.

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