Anyone Using Chord Anthem 2 interconnects and Signature Speaker Cable?


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Hi All,

Now that I've finished putting the components together for my 2ch system I think it's time to give it the cabling it deserves, at the moment I'm using mid level Atlas cables, but I'm thinking of going with higher end Chord cables as I'm quite keen to try their AES-EBU cable so it makes sense to use the same company through the whole system.

I rang Chord yesterday who were extremely helpful and they offered to lend me the cables to try first, but I was just wondering if any forum members are using Chord Anthem 2 interconnects, I'll be using XLR, and Chord's Signature speaker cable, general impressions? also if they had been compared to any other companies products.


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TBH, We have not found the best performance from Chord Company cables with PMC but if Chord will lend you some then excellent. Our advice would be try some AudioQuest with your PMC Rig.




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Thanks for the advice Phil, any particular XLR cable in the AudioQuest range that you would recommend for PMC/Bryston?

How about speaker cable? do you rate the Signature or would you favour something else?



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Thanks for the reply Phil, I think I'll take Chord up on their offer to start with and see how I get on, maybe I can get them to lend me some of the Sarum range aswell, although that is a little out of my price range, be interesting though :)

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