Anyone using Apple Fitness+ ?


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So I subscribed to Apple One because it made sense and I actually came out better than with my previous individual subscriptions. I was aware of AF+ but was only mildly interested.

Since being a teenager, I’ve worked out on my own in my garage or, as a ‘grown up’ in my home gym. Health and fitness has always been important to me but gym memberships were a total waste on the 2 occasions I joined and I’ve never done a class. I’m extremely lucky that COVID didn’t change anything in my routine because of having a home gym (apart from getting bloody COVID and having long COVID but that’s another story…)

My dad gave me his rowing machine recently as he wasn’t using it. I remembered AF+ and thought ‘What the hell, I’ll give it a go’ - fired it up on my iPad, linked up with watch and off I went on a virtual class. Absolutely loved it.

Since then, I’ve done every 20 and 30 minute rowing workout a few times and I’m fairly addicted to it, an activity I’ve never done before. I now get it how people enjoy classes but this setup suits my personality and training style to a tee, without having to visit a gym. I’ve also started doing Mindful Cooldowns and Yoga and I definitely am benefiting from this. Haven’t done any other workouts yet and I keep saying I will but, after I’ve done my weights every other day, I’m dying to do a rowing class again!

A long winded way of saying I’m really enjoying it, it’s excellent and works so well with the Apple ecosystem, obviously.

Anyone else regularly on AF+ and/or finding themselves surprised at how much they enjoy it?


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Yep. Apple Fitness+ is an excellent part of the whole Apple One Premier package that we subscribe to. Have tried yoga, HIIT and spin bike classes (we have a Schwinn IC8 bike at home which is ideal for the Apple Fitness + classes) and so far, very impressed. It also fits with my preference of exercise at home rather than at a gym. Given everything else in the Apple One Premier subscription, I think it’s also excellent value. The integration with Apple Watch is a nice bonus.


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Joined about a month ago with a 6 month free trial (bought a watch from john lewis if anyone is interested in the offer)

Glad they've finally added airplay so i can stream it to my tv. It was a pain trying to look at my phone.

Enjoying the strength training, i've had dumbbells for years and never really used them up until now. Also the rowing it's more interesting than what I was doing of just going backwards and forwards. Given HIIT ago which i intend to do more of, i used to do insanity years ago which i feel is more intense.

I like how it integrates with the watch, keeping an eye on the heart rate and closing those circles, the playlists are great and so are most of the instructors.

Only gripes being i wish some of the workouts were longer and a bit more stability in the app. First week of having it, all the workouts I usually do were unavailable.

I will lose weight and get fit!


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My main issue is that I can’t get the iPhone to see my watch, no matter what I do. It’s a bit irrelevant really as I use the iPad on a small stool next to my rower anyway. Just annoying because I want it all to ‘just work’.

On some of the workouts, the watch data stops for a period - at first I thought it was a connection issue but it happens at the same time in the same workout. Bit odd but no biggie.

I also like how the rowing instructors have very different styles. Josh really helps the technical aspect and form and his visualisations are great. Anja, on the other hand, is more all out, PT style. This has its time and place but when I do it, it’s stupidly brutal.

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Been a gym goer since early teens and lockdown has made me have the longest break ever which I’ve hated.
We start building a home gym on Monday and I will finally cancel my gym membership as in as it’s done (about 3-4 weeks)

Never been into classes (my Mrs is) just weight training but Apple Fitness has really got me into yoga and strength conditioning which I now really enjoy.

Other than weights and a multi gym I’m adding a treadmill, bike and rower along with a big 77inch TV and Apple TV for the classes as I can now see myself using a lot more of the lessons.

Works flawlessly for me with my Apple Watch but then I do have a very good Wi-Fi network.

Are you sure thats not the problem?


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Pretty sure it’s not. Have a really good WiFi mesh which has a strong signal everywhere.

Had the same problem on the iPad but it disappeared after I installed the Home app, weirdly. Common suggestion which worked after I tried absolutely everything else.

Same solutions do not work on my iPhone. It briefly worked after signing in and out of iCloud but stopped shortly after. As I say though, not an issue as I would never use my phone anyway.

Now that I’m invested in it - and I know me well enough to know it’s a long term thing - I’ll also get a decent AirPlay enabled telly in my gym, will definitely be worth it.

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