Anyone using a ViewSonic N3000W over DVI?


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Hi All,

Just to put my mind at rest here. I have a ViewSonic N3000W connected via DVI to a Denon 3910. This works fine with the Denon outputting 480p, 720p and 1080i. However, the Denon will also output 576p (on PAL) discs, and the N3000 can't seem to deal with this - you just get a blank screen. I can't find any formal specs from ViewSonic as to compatibility with 576p over DVI - can anyone else get this to work on theirs?

I'm not that bothered, as I'm using it in 720p anyway, but I just thought I'd make sure mine isn't faulty before I screw it to the wall!

On a related note, when using DVI, in the Graphics menu, I can only adjust the horizontal position - all the other adjustments are greyed out. In VGA, all these adjustments work - is there some way of adjusting horizontal width with DVI?



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