Anyone using a Pronto to control Denon 3802?


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Mar 19, 2002
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Is anyone using a Pronto to control a Denon avr3802? I can't learn the RECEIVER button, and it driving me nuts!!
thanks shoehorn

I have to smile as it sounds like you are going through a steep learning curve with Denon - just as I did :D :D :D

If I can remember correctly I downloaded one from Remote Central and kept it in the back ground and created some new buttons which had very basic macros for things like turn on/off or watch Sky/dvd/tuner/cd etc on another screen which worked with my projector and quadscan. It's like all these things eventually you only use a couple of regular buttons on the Denon and it was easy for the family to use if I created one new page in the Pronto to deal with these fewer choices.

Good luck
cheers cutes6, yeah it is a bit of a steep learning curve - but i'm getting there!

The amps great by the way, quite an improvement on my Marantz 5400. I've just re-hashed my Marantz screens on my Pronto with Denon controls..

I've posted this question on another thread but do you know how to get rid of the MULTI symbol on the amps display. I turned it on my accident, and although its not doing any harm its annoying me!
Hi folks,
I've got a Denon 3802 and 2800(dvd) set, and a TSU3000/950 pronto. I went to the pronto sit but all the config files relate to different remotes, not one is for my remote, or is there something I am not aware of in the naming of the files?
Thanks guy's

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