anyone using a projector with there PS3?


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Hi Guys,

At the moment i have my 37" LCD hooked up to my PS3 but im saving for a decent 720p projector

What projectors are you using for your PS3?im almost decided on the Optoma HD70 because of its great value & its hd ready:)

ps.anyone seen the HD70 hooked to a ps3?


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I recently ordered an Epson TW1000 which is 1080p an thats the PS3 max resolution, so it should be amazing for Blu Rays and any 1080p games (like Ridge Race)

However, since most games are and will be (for a long time to come) 720p, a good 720 projector is also a good choice.

Im sure it will be amazing once its all hooked up! Cant wait to actually get it! :smashin:

richard plumb

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I use a pansonic AE900 (720p) and its fantasic. Motorstorm (demo until my full version arrives) is amazing in first person view 96" wide.

I use that for bluray/skyHD/HDDVD and its just a great. way way better than my previous 480p projector.

I imagine 1080p is a step up again, but that'll need to wait a while - bought a lot of new toys this year :p

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