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Oct 6, 2005
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Anyone know if they are good people to deal with?
I've got an order with them at the moment.

It's scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

I telephone them along with several others before I placed my order and they seemed to be most helpful and professional.

After placing my order last Sunday, I got a call on Monday arranging delivery.

All seems well so far. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. I'm sure others have used them and had no problems.
yes i bought my toshiba lcd from them and had no problems at all . the lcd i received was faulty and i couldn't find receipt so i phoned them and they sent a replacement no problem . i contacted toshiba direct myself and within 10 days had the new lcd .
they have high st shops in leigh and bolton (lancs),i and a number of my family and friends have used them and found no problems.
i usually ask them their internet price and pick the item up from the shop.
id say they are preety good, ordered a 37" sharp LCD from them in january, they broke it when loading it up for delivery. they gave me a choice of refund or the more expensive panny 37" LCD or a plasma thats was few hundred quid more than wot i paid for the sharp. i wasnt willing to buy somat blind so got the refund came to regrett it when i saw the pann 37" LCd a couple months latter at a mates house.

compared to what other places are like id say thats minta service.
came and installed my Loewe 32, took their shoes off before walking on our carpet (went down very well with the missus) , set up the tv exactly as I asked - execellent , highly recommend them.

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