Anyone used RESCUEMYCAR.COM for breakdown cover?

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They look good and cheap - but are they actually any good?

Cheap Breakdown Cover

I'd love to hear from soneone who is with them and has used them for a call out.

Green flag want double for the same service!!


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slightly different but i'm looking at Autoaid at the moment. bit dearer as its £36 per year but seems to get good reviews as far as i can tell. hope this helps!


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So - who uses what fro breakdown?

Until now I was a green flag user.
I'd be interested in some contributions to this.

I've tended to go for AA in the past. Largely because they have their own fleet rather than subbing out, as I believe Green Flag do. Not impressed with my last encounter though.

When my water pump pulley disintegrated last December, I had to wait over an hour for a response. Then a van turns up with only two seats & there's three of us (as I'd told the call centre). He calls in & tells us that there will be another hour wait to get a tow truck with enough seats. We decide that I'll go with the car & the littlun' & return in the missus' car for her. There was a least a McDonalds nearby.

What he didn't mention was that in order to tow my auto, he would have to assemble this Meccano/Heath Robinson contraption in the back of his van. That took him the best part of 40 minutes anyway so we may as well have waited for a proper truck. :suicide:

I could also do without the annual dance of them billing me full price at renewal, me calling to cancel & them offering me a discount to stay. :rolleyes:


My wife covered us both with Green Flag as an adjunct to her Esure Insurance Policy. My Sedona blew a head gasket on our way on holiday towing a caravan and the service was superb. One vehicle turned up, confirmed the fault and waited with us until the recovery truck arrived to help get us loaded on board and back home as quickly as possible.

Hats off to the AA man who came over to help us when we first broke down though, even though I told him we weren't members :thumbsup:



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I use swinton breakdown because my dad gets me a big discount.

They are very efficient when phoneing, i used them twice for my peugeot, both times the guy who came out was helpful, knew what they were doing, and fixed it or got me home very quickly.


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Been using green flag for over a year now, they sent out a local recovery truck when my clutch went in the old escort. Not had problems with them, though looking around at prices there are cheaper places, maybe next time i'll shop about a bit.

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Seeing as my Greenflag runs out tomorrow, thought I'd better pull my finger out.
Thanks for sharing that, I'll take a look later.

Apparently you can get 4x the value of Tesco Clubcard vouchers with the RAC. May be useful for anyone who's vouchers haven't been mysteriously converted into shoes & handbags.... :rolleyes: :D


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hi yes i have had a policy with them for the last year and i broke down today.... called them, to be told i was within a mile from my home so i wasnt covered and that i would have to pay a further £75. Once i organised an independant tow truck to tow me to the garage (£40) i went home and googled the distance and i was actually 3.467 miles away from my home so basically i was left stranded with my two babies in a broken down car with a policy and a company that failed me! so to sum it up i wouldnt recommend them to anyone.... cheaper isnt always the best.


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I hope you are going to take the time and trouble to kick up a fuss about this disgusting service.

Thank you, yes I have sent an email of complaint... I guess they will just dismiss it but hopefully someone else will be saved from the hassle they caused me and invest with a better break down company with reading these messages "Rescue my" is not worth peoples time and money.

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i get AA cover with my Halifax reward account and have used them twice for what could be seen as minor things but they've always been spot on. If i didn't get it with my bank account (which, admittedly I pay £10 per month for) I would probably go with the AA.


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I used but not any more they left me stranded unless i coughed up more money.they basicaly are just middle men who are out to just make money and will lie to you on the phone to get you to sign up but provide no service what so ever so stay clear of these you have been warned.
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I used but not any more they left me stranded unless i coughed up more money.they basicaly are just middle men who are out to just make money and will lie to you on the phone to get you to sign up but provide no service what so ever so stay clear of these you have been warned.

Hi new to this but a warning we used first call motor breakdown (fcmb)and had a similar useless service twice, they want money up front and then your complete service history and if your lucky they will refund you.another money making operation without any service to the customer.:thumbsdow


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we broke down in dover after travelling home from spain. we called rescue my car who said the breakdown people would be with us within 45 mins. it took 1 and half hours for someone to turn up. as soon as he found out we lived in norwich, he said he would not be takin us home but could fix it for us. cant fault him at all, he tried for 3 hours and thought he had fixed it. we started driving and an hour later it broke down again with the same fault. we called up again and the woman on the phone tried to charge us another £40 excess. you have to pay excess by the way. we refused to pay again, to which after she had sighed down the phone a lot of times, she said,it was late and she didnt think anyone could help us at this time of night. it was half 8.she said she would call us back within 10 mins. we waited 20 and called again, no answer. called again, no answer. withheld our number and she answered straight away, sighing all the time. she said someone will be with us within the hour. they arrived at 9.20pm and had been told we were to be dropped off locally. we were on A12 about 2 hours from home, 1 hour from dover. he refused to take us home as he finished at 10 but loaded our car up on his truck anyway whilst we were tryin to get the woman on the phone again.she was not answering again.
she then offered to put us up in a hotel but stated that they were all probably fully booked so she was not sure if she could.
the man in the truck said he would take us to his depot, which was apparently on the way, because i asked, and swap drivers with the night driver who could take us home.
we were only 2 hours from home so chose this option instead of maybe a hotel, as she thought they would be booked up anyway.
he then drove us 30 miles back towards london to his depot. 30 miles in the wrong direction, where the nite driver informed us that he had to man the phones till 10.30. we waited till 10.45 and headed on our way. 30 miles back to the A12, yay, we getting there. whilst driving at full speed with our car on the back...the driver was actually texting with one phone and speaking to someone on another phone. both phones in his hand at the same time. went over the white lines, which make the funny noise. scared the .... out of me.
we then pull over so we can all have a fag and when we get back in the truck, me and my boyfriend shut our eyes for a bit as its now really late. when my b/f opens his eyes, he whispers to me...where are we ? where did the bridges come from? i said i dont know, was not paying attention as had my eyes closed. we inform the driver that he has gone 40 miles, yes 40 miles in the wrong direction.
he then tells us, its our fault as we should tell him which way to go, its not his responsibility to know which way to go. he then says that he may go over his legal driving hours and may have to drop us off on the side of the road where we will have to wait for someone else. then he stops talking to us altogether.he does not have sat nav as does not trust them. when i first got in the truck, i asked him if he had been to norwich before and he said yes and that he knew the way.
we keep quiet hopin to get as close to norwich as possible. thankfully he calmed down and as soon as we hit norwich, we asked him to get the car off the back as we will get the rest of the way ourselves. we called the breakdown people at 1.30 saturday afternoon and got home at 2.30am sunday.13 hours....13!!!!
the woman(rachel) on the phone is terrible, sighing down the phone, unhelpful, not answer the phone. the people who they send to help you are unbelievable. do not use this company unless u only drive round ur home town. for proper breakdown they are useless. they are also refusing to give back our excess which i think we are entitled to.

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We have just cancelled insurance through these cowboys and they are completly over charging us for the pleasure.
£500 policy. We paid £100 deposit plus 3 monthly installments so £250 paid for 3 months cover. We have just recieved a letter asking for an additional £270 to complete the cancelation. DO NOT SIGN UP TO THIS COMPANY unless you have no other choice they are rip off artists of the worst kind who cover their backsides with small print.


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If you take Insurance or breakdown cover with these cowboys you have my sympathies, from start to finish they have lied to me? Stole my money? And insulted me? I had what i thought was a full comprehensive policy and the best breakdown cover going only to discover it was not worth the paper it was written on.

I am a single father to 2 young daughters and on the 6th of June 2012 in very stormy weather we broke down on the motorway in appalling conditions my daughters were extremely frightened as was with the traffic hurtling past so much so that just with a picnic blanket covered my children and lead them onto the treacherous banking.

I made the call to hope full that they would get to us quickly, To my horror the guy on the other end said that in order to be recovered i would have to pay immediately £40 to the breakdown man before being rescued i argued that he was mistaken and that i had paid a full breakdown recovery policy that i had already paid for up front, after several expletives and crossed words he said he would not send anyone out unless i paid this £40 i told him i had not enough money with me or credit cards and he asked if i could phone someone and borrow it i tried to reason with him that as i was in the middle of nowhere with two freighted soaked to the bone children perched on the side of a banking in weather of such extreme that i couldn't .

Even begging for help he refused unless i paid this dodgy amount even knowing what a precarious situation me and my children were in refused to help they had effectively abandoned me and my children, luckily a passing motorway patrol came to our rescue even when that guy spoke to and told them how bad our situation was they still refused to help and hung up on us.

I had to have a recovery service come to rescue us on the basis i had no money with me and that they would sort it out after the priority was to get me and my children to safety they were great thank you Mitch Motors for all you kind help.

After this nightmare had ending i complained to and they ignored me, i cancelled my policy and breakdown cover in disgust, required me to send my documents back to them before they would refund me any money owed? They of course didn't citing i had cancelled my policy therefore they were quite within there right too charge me a £50 penalty for doing so and charged my £12.50 commission on this effectively stealing my refund, They also after three requests have still not returned my NCD Bonus which is my property.

SO NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE...if you want to be scammed and ripped off than go ahead try


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Wow, a lot of negative response. And Mrs F01 wonders why I think she should switch from them.

To be fair, the missus hasnt had a bad time with them, but shes only called them out twice for two flat tyres in the time shes been with them.

The first time, they couldnt get the bolts off but it was a slow puncture so pumped it up and advised a can of tyreweld. (we sold that car soon afterwards). They did get there fairly timely (40 mins, pretty much as advised) but not being able to get the job done was irritating to me.

The last call out was 2 weeks ago, Mrs F01 coming back from work, got a puncture. They quoted 2 hours and were 20 mins over that, but got her location dead-on "with the help of google earth" according to the missus lol. They also advised that she would have to pay the full cost of the callout if the spare wasnt usable. Thankfully it was usable and they put it on for her.

From whats been posted on this forum already, Id say that we might have got better than the average service. In my eyes though, a woman waiting 2.5 hours alone is a little off, as is all the extra charges that they start mentioning, so they get a "meh" from me at best. Unfortunately, mrs F01 doesnt see this the same way and will probably use until they let her down in a big way.

I say unfortunately, because shes too polite to complain directly. Guess who got it in the neck when they didnt show up after two hours :rolleyes:



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I am a single father to 2 young daughters and on the 6th of June 2012 in very stormy weather we broke down on the motorway in appalling conditions my daughters were extremely frightened as was with the traffic hurtling past so much so that just with a picnic blanket covered my children and lead them onto the treacherous banking.

Thats bad, but i hope you now carry a few more supplies in your car for future breakdowns, especially when you have young children in the car.


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Look at - use google translate. Full Euro cover, amazing reviews. Happy to deal with UK customers too.
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