Anyone used mediacheckpoint.de?


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Am thinking of buying the kef eggs from mediacheckpoint as they have the best price I can find even when including delivery. Was just wondering if others have purchased from them and how they'd rate them. Are there any issues to be looked at such as different power sources on the sub etc..

Also they have the RX-V750 for about €520 (£350) including delivery, would this be suitable for the speakers or would I get by with a Sony STR-DB790 which I can purchase in Ireland for €380?


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I used them for eggs eons ago, had to do a bank transfer, but if you're up for that, no problems.

Art Vanderlay

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I haven't used them, but I have just had to do a bank transfer for a Canton CD1 set from mediaran.de

Was pleasantly surprised that I could do an economy transfer at Lloyds for only £5.50. As you are in Ireland I suspect it may even be free as it is all in Euros.

The CD1 set ended up costing £250, as opposed to £400 in this country.
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