Anyone used hyperfi for cheep spk

hyperfi: Bargin centre or junk shop

  • Bargin centre, I have bought from them & recommend them

    Votes: 18 32.7%
  • Bargin centre, but buy elsewhere

    Votes: 8 14.5%
  • junk shop, I have bought from them, dont recommend

    Votes: 16 29.1%
  • junk shop......richer sounds is for me

    Votes: 13 23.6%

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Ive been looking at there web site and the prices seem good
its ex-display/old stock, but you could put a 7.1 package together very cheep (my budget is about 1000-1500) Amp is going to be the Marantz AV7400, for a 50/50 split of music and movies


any experiances out there good or bad?
Is it worth making the 3hr trip there or just buy the Kef 2005/5005 set like everybody else


Ian J

I have bought from them but the last time was six years ago. It is apparently a fairly small place but according to their adverts they carry a lot of ex demo stock. This stock isn't boxed and has to be collected but in my experience they rarely seemed to have what I was after anyway but always offered me a brand new item as an alternative.

I bought a pair of rear speakers from them six years ago and as I recall they arrived the following day.


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as ian says they claim to carry a lot of stock..

if you're very firm with them then imo theyre good - if they dont have what you want then you hang up, dont let them talk you round esp if your new to av/hifi..

when i bought my first av setup and knew nothing about speakers i tried to buy some cheap wharfedale diamonds from them which they claimed not to have in but the guy said he had some of the next speakers up in the range (which is true they do exist on wharfedales website) but there seems to be absolutely no info about them anywhere on the internet. anyway he said they were more expensive but he'd let me have them for the same price which i being naive accepted..

they arent terribly bad speakers, but then again nor are they particularly good and ultimately i should have looked elsewhere. the speakers i did buy arrived very quickly and they gave a good service generally - even managed to get an extra speaker thrown in for 6.1 for free :)

ive voted in the 'good but buy elsewhere' section but if you do strike gold and find the equipment u want i wouldnt have a prob buying from them


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Thanks for your thoughts

The old Kef Q55 caught my attention @ £99, I was impressed when I demo'd these some years ago
Alterntivly Ref 1-2(@£599)
with either 2 sets of 60s(£30) or Q85(£99each) and a Q95 centre
subject to demo of course, Does anyone know if they have demo room/area

but a decent system could be put together for as low as £260, my guess is, as you suggested that availablty maybe the problem
Def worth a try

chris l.

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Picked up Mission 783's, 78c and 781's over last 6 months all at very very good prices.

Mission did let me know that they had cleared their stock to them (Manchester Hifi show) and so I was able to ring them before they had advertised them on the web / in mag's etc.

Yes, they do seem to have a lot of special offers that seem to go out off stock very quickly !:confused:

But for the cost of a phone call a few bargins can be had / or not as the case may be.

I've done ok by them so far so :smashin: from me.


Chris L.


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hi chris,

i just looking the hyperfi and what your comment on mission AV package 782 price of 699 . is it a good deal


chris l.

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see http://www.hifichoice.co.uk/review_read.asp?ID=989

& having listened to all the current crop (at the time of the last Manchester hifi show) of 5* rated packages for £600-£800, the Mission cinema 8 pack easily out guns them.

This was the reason I went for the 783's, 78ds and 2 MJ Ref 100 subs for that little extra kick when I upgraded from MS208's. I already had Mission surrounds / rears so didn't need to go for the pack etc.

I'm even thinking of getting a pair of 782's for use in the conservatory, @ £349 they are a give away.

I would always advise an audition if you could though.


Chris L.


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I havent bought speakers from them, but i bought a brand-new nad c350 for £160 which i have been very pleased with. The price was very good but they managed to mix up the delivery address twice so it took over a week to arrive. Generally I would recommend them especially if you live nearby.


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thanks for your experances :)


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I bought a complete set of Celestion C series speakers from them about 18 months ago for about one third of the normal price. They were brand new, boxed but a couple were missing the spike feet. Other than that they were superb (I was able to get the rear surrounds they did not have elsewhere and have since picked up a second sub for £99 brand new direct from Kef/Celestion).

I've ended up with a £3k speaker system for less than £1k and am well pleased. Everyone who has auditioned them have been pretty impressed too.

@if ®afiq

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Does anyone know what their address is?

I was thinking about going down on the weekend (from Brummyingham) and can't seem to find an address...

Hyperfi is a victim of its own advertising.

They rarely update the ads and consequently they have the same offer on, which has been out of stock and will always be out of stock, six months later.

It a joke really. I have phoned a few times and I strung off a good few deals each of which I was told was out of stock.

They simply do this to get you on the phone and then try to sell you something else as others have already said and it usually turns out to be no cheaper than elsewhere.

Look elsewhere IMO.


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Just called them to check out a Samsung UE55D8000 which they were advertising for £1300....they'd just sold the last one - but he didn't try and talk me into anything else to be fare.


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I've always gone through their website, rather than to the shop. Although I also discovered when I bought my new centre last week that it was cheaper to order through their Amazon Marketplace front, instead of their own site, so you might wish to check that.


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Why drag up an 8yr old thread:confused:

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