Anyone used a Teac Reference 300 hifi mini system? Any good?

Stevie G

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I'm still trying to decide which hifi to get and saw this one. It looks fairly new, but What HIFI seem to reviewed it back in 1998 so it much have been around since then.

Is it any good? It looks really nice. If it is an old system is it technically dated? I'm thinking of getting the amp, cd player and DAB seperates.



sells as a package in that configuration anyway rrp £530
very good system if you need it to be small, easily rivalled by equivelant priced seperates though!
Stereo amp and CD player technology isn't classed as "Dated" and the DAB tuner is a brand new model that's only been out about a year so shouldn't be "dated" yet!

Stereo Steve

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I have one of these. I bought it when I was selling the house as I felt a huge stack of amps and speakers may discourage buyers. The Teac had understaded style all over it so we got it and stored all the AV gear.

It's now going to go in one of the spare rooms. A fairly good little system all round I'd say and looks cracking. Certainly a cut above the usual junk you get when buying mini systems.

Also, have a look at the Denon one. Not sure of the code but it's superb for a mini system.


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I have one of these in the bedroom, as Steve says they are a cut above the normal. IMO they are very good and the build quality is excellent



Originally posted by Stereo Steve
Also, have a look at the Denon one. Not sure of the code but it's superb for a mini system.
That'll be the Denon DM31 - superb bit of kit. I think that over the years it's always been a closely fought race between TEAC and Denon.

Am dubious as to whether DAB is worth having; bitrates are so low, especially compared to Freeview radio. The DM31 has a good RDS tuner.

Stevie G

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Thanks guys. I thought about the Denon actually, but I do quite fancy dab, just because it sounds better. I only really listen to news and sport channels on the radio (occasionally XFM) but I find that my surround amp (which has a tuner) struggles to get a decent AM/MW signal in our area.

The TV aerial gets a strong enough signal to get the freeview TV channels, so presumably I should be able to get DAB ok.

BTW, when I meant was the system in general old technology I didn't mean the DAB part as that's obviously fairly new. I meant it more for the cd and amp, and just wondered - the way technology moves on so quickly these days I didn't know if I'd be better going for something else. There's not really much in that area though (size wize and nice looking!)

Stevie G

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A couple of places online are selling the dab package (without cassette which I don't want anyway) for around £380, which seems pretty good.
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