Anyone use radiator fans, or (wet) plinth heaters? Trying to decide which option to go for in kitchen...


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Hi everyone

I have one large double panel double convector radiator which i'm going to utilise in my new kitchen as I can fit a slim wall unit above it and then TV above that. It's the right size to heat the room, but I like a room to warm up quickly and i'm thinking to either use some radiator fans below it to help circulate the warm air a bit better (and quicker), or use a hydronic plinth radiator elsewhere to provide additional output and more circulation.

The downside to the plinth heaters for me is the many reviews that say they are noisy (or get noisy with age) and blowing dust around. Also by their very nature, they are bound to be less reliable than a normal rad. The radiator fans look like a much easier and low maintenance solution - even if the reliability is similar, they are easier to change. I'm looking at something like the speedcomfort fans. Bit pricey for what they are, I guess there must be cheaper ones about.

Anyone used either of these? Would appreciate your thoughts and reviews!

My ceilings are 3.1m hence circulation is probably quite important for me...

Many thanks


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I have a plinth heater fitted when my kitchen was upgraded by the landlord 5 years ago. Have never had it on as the kitchen never gets cold enough to need its own heating.
Just switched on and note that it has three switches, not a clue what they all do except one switches it off but I also have a wall switch for that.
Not exactly quiet but not sure I would describe it noisy either, if your banging about in cooking a meal I doubt its noticeable.


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Thanks for the insight, mine would probably be on quite a bit in winter. I bet the other two switches are low and high speed for the fan...


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Just had a look and one switch reduces heat the other fan speed.


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We have a plinth heater which runs off of both hot water and electric. It doesn't get used a great deal but is great for warming the kitchen up when the heating isn't on.

It is a bit noisy but nothing to obtrusive.


Just set the heating to come on a little earlier and to stay on longer .
A plinth heater powered by leccy is going to cost a fortune. It would be better to pay for and use a smart TRV/heating control than install electric heating at the moment


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Thanks for the input everyone. Food for thought, seems like the general consensus is that plinth heaters aren't that noisy...

thanks John - I wouldn't want an electric plinth heater - as you say that would cost a fortune to run! I'm on about the ones that plumb into the central heating. They just have a small fan to blow the warm air out. The actual electricity running costs of the wet (hydronic) ones is very low...

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