Anyone use projector on a table/stand?

Jim McC

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If anyone uses a stand/table for their projector viewing, can you share your opinions. Do you need to put it away after each use? Is it a lot of trouble to do that? I'm asking because my ceiling is only 6'8" tall, and I don't want anyone to be hitting their head on projector. I'm not sure how low projector will hang(haven't purchased yet). Please give me some advice. Thanks.

Bert Coules

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In general, obviously, it's better not to have to put a projector away between uses; you have to wait until everything cools down, lining up projector and screen can be a bit of a faff at the start of a viewing session, you have to make and remake connections, and so on.

I've just acquired a Sanyo Z2 which in addition to being a superb bit of equipment has a hugely useful lens-shift feature which enables you to position the projector well away to the side of the screen (and below the bottom edge of it, or above the top edge, too). This means you can site the projector in a much less obtrusive place, and maybe even be able to keep it there without cluttering up your room too much.

Alternatively, you could probably hang a Z2 (or similar lens-shift machine) very close to the ceiling, if a suitable mount is available or could be made.



I had a projector on a stand for a while and found it to be a nuisance as I was always worried about knocking it whilst it was on or cooling down. I just left it in situ. Eventually switched to a ceiling mount which I am far happier with - if you can get the head clearance then imo it is the better solution.

Darryl D.

I have my ae500 temporarily sitting at 3 feet off the floor on a shelving unit behind my seating position. It isn't a problem in terms of bumping and it allows me to have all my equipment close to the pj (so less cable lengths). Slight downsides are having to walk through the beam if you get up and a bit more fan noise than a ceiling mount. Major downside is that the shelving unit is exactly where my preferred seating position would be :confused:

Pj going to the ceiling shortly.

Jim, if you go with the table mount, make when buying your pj that you take into account the throw distance and the height that the pj sits in relation to the screen. AE500 probably not so good for you, Z2 better :)


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My Z2 sits on a table when in use, that way I can throw a picture onto the screen without using keystone or lens shift. It goes away after use so it's not sitting there collecting dust (which on a Z2 can easily find its way onto the lens causing annoying blobs.) Takes a minute to set up and once it's cooled a minute to put away. Ideal.


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Mines on a "coffee trolley", so wheeled, and i pull it out from behind the conventional TV when needed, and push it back semi-out-of-sight after. All the cables stay connected, and you sort of know where to place it after a while, so lining up isnt difficult at all. It takes only a couple of minutes to get going overall, so i wouldnt be discouraged by people too much.

Certainly i intend to ceiling mount eventually, but as i rent i dont think the landlord would be too happy with mods, and its far cheaper than buying a house and mounting stuff! ;)


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I also have a 'table mounted' pj (Sharp Z91E) which I put away after every use. Takes me 2 minutes max to put up and focus.
Granted ceiling mount would be ideal but not worth the divorce costs.
Also, for Z2 owners - how far off centre can you place it with the lens shift function?

Kevin Gilmour

Have my Z2 on a small table to one side of the sofa so its virtually hidden when not in use.

Just plonk it on a coffee table towards the back of the room and connect via a component lead which is permantly connected at one end to my dvd player under the TV.

Also have a 7.5ft wide tripod screen which is stored flat behind the sofa when not in use. When in use, I place it in front of the TV. As its a tripod screen, it sits high enough not to obscure the centre spkr, dvd player, amp,sky box etc.

Only takes about 5mins to set the whole thing up, with maybe another couple of minutes messing with the lens shift.

Takes only about 3 minutes to clear everything away.

Bert Coules

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My Z2 is (temporarily) located just below the bottom edge and just beyond the left edge of the screen. I could, if I wanted, move it slightly more to the left and considerably lower - but at the most extreme limits of the lens shift you do run into a very slight degradation of the image.

The manual is online somewhere; a search should find it. There's a very clear section, with diagrams, of the lens-shift possibilities and the range of positional options.



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Mines mounted on a nobo projector stand. Well it will be when my loft is finished. Ceiling mounting was not an option really. Also I like the fact its not a permanent feature. I have a floor mounted screen as well so it can all but put away in a few minutes if I so decide.


I have my HS20 placed on an end table in between 2 couches. That way everyone has an eqaul view, but unfortunately no one has a perfect view. This is perfect for xbox games, and movie nights as everyone is on the same level as the projector. Also no one really bumps into it because it's in between the couches and sits just in front a wall.
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