Anyone use Parallels Transporter?


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As per the title, has anyone used Parallels Transporter? I'm was going to give it a go this weekend with my Windows laptop and Macbook Pro connected via a firewire cable. One the face of it, it looks dead simple, surely there has got to be a con to it somewhere :smashin:

Cheers, Andy


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I'd never heard of it - I googled and found this:

"Parallels® Transporter™ enables you to migrate selected volumes or the whole of a physical or
virtual computer into a Parallels virtual machine or Parallels virtual disk."

So does this mean I can use it to clone my windows machine and run it virtually in parallels? Sounds really cool if thats the case.


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Used it when I got my iMac in February to copy my PC into a virtual machine on the Mac.
Worked great and I haven't had my old PC on since :D


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Yep, the linking and migrating was dead easy. I did it via Firewire, and it took a couple of hours. Unfortunately I did get a problem starting Windows XP on the MBP due to some sort of hardware blue screen failure. I could only restart in safe mode, and just couldn't get XP working properly. Probably due to hardware issues as my windows laptop is an IBM one with integrated fingerprint reader, and fingerprint software integrated into the security. As I don't want to uninstall that on my IBM, I've ditched the XP for now.

However, I have finally got around to loading up a Vista Basic version I had since about 4/5 months ago. And I'm typing this post on it now :D

Parallels does seem dead simple, and parallels transporter even easier. I'd recommend them both :smashin:

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