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anyone use more than one ebay account?


i'm relatively new to ebay but found a niche in selling a particular type of thing, have a few regulars and first class feedback

what i'd like to do is have a second ebay account to sell other stuff on, so my niche market stays that way, and isn't invaded by me selling stuff like a jumble sale, as looking at other people who buy from me or i want to buy stuff from and i look at other items for sale, and along with the nice rare item i want to buy, they are selling old clothes and all sorts of crap. i don't want to have a business account, just 2 personal accounts. reading a bit on it, ebay says it's not againts the rules, and some may do that to buy stuff from one account, and sell on another, which i may also do, so the people that buy from me can't see what i'm wasting their money on

ebay says you can't do this, or not supposed to do this to bypass selling limits. now one other issue i have is i can only sell 10 items a month, with a £650 limit, but most of what i sell is around the £10-£30 mark, so a bit frustrating that i can't list more things, i list a few, some sell, then i list more, and keep repeating. i thought that limit would be moved after 3 months, but it hasn't. so if i start another account, how do i make sure i don't get banned or fall foul to rules, if i say want to sell an old lamp or book under the second account? both would be tied to the same paypal account. and of course using the same IP addresses. even if i had another paypal account it would be tied to my only bank account

so does anyone else do this or know how to set it up so it's all legit? and what happens with feedback, is it kept seperate or linked, as i don't want to mess up my good feedback if some idiot isn't happy with a £2 old t shirt or something


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I have 3 accounts all linked to the same address/paypal account and I have had no emails/problems from Ebay stating that this isn't allowed... Although I don't really use it anymore.


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I have 5 accounts all linked to my own card, and 2 in my girlfriends name, only 2 of my own accounts and 1 of the other 2 are regularly used to sell items.

You can request Ebay raise your seller limits, and they're generally more than happy to do that, it's mutually beneficial as it increases their revenue potential, have a look here.

Listing and selling allowances for eBay sellers

Edit: Feedback is always exclusive to the account username, though Ebay will consider negatives on all accounts when making decisions regarding transgressions etc.
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I used to have several accounts all linked to the same paypal account. Exactly what you want to do, I had one for buying general tat, one set up selling sports equipment and the other was our hippy / boho oriental clothes. You'll only run in to problems if you start shillbidding [using one account to boost the price of the other] as their systems will check ip's etc.

A point to note: the only issues I see are that if you are regularly selling items then you should be registered as a business seller if you are making profit on items bought for resell. Different if you are just selling already owned items stored in your loft!

Last point which I'm sure you'll already have done, your 'business' should be registered with inland revenue. You'll need to keep all transaction history in paper form for at least 6 years as well! :eek: Be aware the boys in jack boots have teams that scour eBay looking. My father in law is an accountant and it was in their magazine a while back. Big brother is looking... :mad:

Have fun, done right, you can still make good money...


it's just personally owned stuff i'm selling, i'm not buying stuff to sell, just shifting stuff i've bought in the past. hmrc are fine about selling stuff like that, which is why i've specifically not made a business account. it's just that i'm selling off a particular collection, but then i have other junk i'd like to move but not mix up with the collection. it's just that some of the items can reach over £100, or nearly double that due to rarity. i've not sold large quantitites of stuff, in fact on ebay it's less than 30 items as my limit is 10 per month, i think i've sold maybe 19 things but the money adds up a bit as i've not bothered listing stuff thats under £15 and i don't normally have low starting prices, the starting price is the lowest i'd accept, so only about a quarter of listings sell, but then i don't give stuff away at a low price, i'd rather keep it. and from the money i make i'm buying other missing bits from my collection. i'm selling stuff i have no interest in to get stuff that fills a part in my collection, or computer bits to upgrade

i don't have another person to open/share an account. i spoke to ebay but it sounds like you need to have a business account to lift restrictions


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In my experience you can speak to Ebay and ask the same question of 2 different people and get 2 different answers, it might be an idea just to request that your limits be raised, it costs nothing and there are no disadvantages if they refuse for any reason.


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i had a low limit before selling anything, just clicked raise limit and think i might have had to link paypal account again or something and got a selling limit of £3500 a month straight away which is way more than i wanted but is fine by me.

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