Anyone use imesh?


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Just wondered what you thought of it.
What file sharing programs do you recommend now Kazaalite seems to be on the way out?



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Winmx for music - no spyware

Morpheus for everything else - comes with spyware but this can be removeed without affecting the program.


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I have seen many file sharers using K-Lite master 1000. No Spyware etc.

I have never had problems with Virus's, but have had the occasional bad mp3 with pink noise included intermittently. Morpheus is good.

Here is a good forum for all things p2p





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The recent versions of Imesh are terrible programs & I'd not recommend installing them. It completely ruined my PC - ridiculous spyware filled piece of......

K-Lite works well. I know people who use eMule/eDonkey with success & a lot of people are now using BitTorrent (but that seems to complicated for me)


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Since installing imesh i have noticed an increase in popups,is it really that bad for spyware?

As for K-lite,every so often it defaults to an information page and i have to keep reinstalling it:thumbsdow


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What version of K-Lite are you using Paul?


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Something that's not mentioned here is Direct Connect ( )

it's a great p2p file shareing app thats been around for at least 4 years, but you do need quite a few files shared on your PC before you can join some of the better hubs (as they tend to have min share limits)


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i use shareaza and suprnova for all my dowloads

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