Anyone use Avalaunch?


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Just wondering if any forum users are running Avalaunch as their main Dashboard on Xbox?

If so, can you let me know what Bios you are currently using, and how you have it configured? I intend to install Avalaunch on my machine sometime next week, but I'm unsure whether the later Xecuter Bios's support "avalaunch.xbe" as a primary boot file ahead of "xboxdash.xbe" - does anyone know?

I have the latest version of "Xbtool" which will enable me to manually alter the boot sequence on older Bios releases, but I'm not able to do this on the latest versions (4981 onwards) from what I can gather.

The alternative is renaming "xboxdash.xbe", but I'd like to avoid this if I can help it.

Any comments/suggestions?

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