Anyone use 2 'centre' speakers for as stereo speakers?


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Someone commented on the bass in my system the other day saying "i can hear it all....", which I took as a complement "but it is quite" which shows what people are used to. So I turned up some dynamic baseline music and annoyed the neighbours.

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That's why it's nice to have the output clean from the mains, then with a miniDSP in front of the sub, a config change from your phone can see you go from accurate bass to 1 second later more bass than you can shake a stick at if so desired :D


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Works well for me with results confirmed by Mic measurements. My room is uniform and I sit centrally.

I enter main listening position distances. (You can get a good idea from a room mode calculator)
Required angle 30deg or whatever.
Then just adjust distance from speaker to back wall to show different graph.


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@password1 ,@newbie1 just mentioned he might be selling his dspeaker antimode 2.0
Easy to use kit (recommend optical connection)


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Ive found the problem.. it's the room acoustics!!!

So today I moved my Concept 40s upstairs into the games room (approx 12 x 9 foot) and no booming bass.

I then moved my Monitor 200s from the games rooms to downstairs (27 x 12 foot) and put them in the same positions where the concept 40s were..and they sound horribly fact even worse, the bass overpowers the vocals on bass heavy songs.

I then thought Id try my little jpw bookshelf/standmounters (same little 3.5 or 4 inch woofers as Kef cestra 1s) and the bass is perfect!


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