anyone upgraded there speakers internals?


I was reading a post on an American forum in the Bowers & Wilkins section and someone had replaced the cables inside a set of B&W 703 speakers and said the results where amazing. A few other people on the forum has also said they'd done the same with excellent results including changing plugs/binding posts to higher quality stuff. They did a side by side comparison of the cables and they one they had used was much thicker than the standard B&W cables.

Has anyone on here tried upgrading their cables/binding posts etc inside there speakers and did they get any improvement.

If not do you think it would give an improvement. It seems a little daft spending tens of thousands developing drivers/enclosures etc and then skimping on 18" of cable inside a speaker :suicide:

If its worth doing I might try it but, although taking some £1600 speakers apart is a little daunting to say the least :oops: :nono:


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Most of this type of thing is dubious to say the least , and can be completely subjective ,
I personally wouldnt be taking £1600 speakers apart over something read on a website , especially an american website , where audiofoolery is rife.

If you can personally get to hear a set of " modified " ( I want to say butchered but Im being nice ) B&W's and judge them first , and then make a decision , It might be worth considering , other than that Id leave well enough alone.


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Yes, I've done it, but would agree with Andy1249 that messing about with a recent set of up-market B&W speakers would be foolish. Apart from anything else you'd probably destroy their second hand value.


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There is nothing "wrong" with changing the internal cables IMHO. It can be quite a sobering experience when you look at the cable that manufacturers use internally and compare that with the exotic cable sold to connect them to your amp/receiver etc.

Some speaker manufacturers actually offer internal upgrades that include cable. What I would say is that the manufacturer whether it be B&W or any other will have "tuned" the sound with the cables normally used internally. You may alter this with a change of cable.

I certainly do not think you will do any damage providing you are competent and careful.

My comment are purely based on Hi-Fi experience by the way, I am new to Home cinema kit.


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As you say:
It seems a little daft spending tens of thousands developing drivers/enclosures etc and then skimping on 18" of cable inside a speaker.
You can therefore draw the obvious conclusion: that replacing the internal cable has no objective effect.

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