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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by fraggle, Dec 22, 2002.

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    My set up :

    Front mains : Epos ES30
    Front centre : Paradigm CC370
    Sub : Paradigm Servo 15
    Rears : Eltax bipolars
    Arcam FMJ A32 + DAVE
    Arcam FMJ P35 (3 channel) (bi amping the Epos fronts & powering centre)
    Arcam power amp (the one prior to the FMJ P35) (powering rears)
    Toshiba 210E DVD player (being replaced with Philips 963SA sometime)
    Sony VPL 10HT projector
    Philips 9763 32" TV
    Audiolab 8000CDM & 8000DAC

    Things I don't like about my system are the centre speaker is in the TV cabinet and since its rear ported it basically sounds crud. I've stuffed the inside of the speaker with old (clean!) socks, and have a big cushion stuffed behind the speaker in the cabinet which gets rid of some of the boominess, but it still doesn't match the rest of the system by a *long* way :(

    Also since the introduction of the sub the 'sweet spot' for listening is basically in one spot. Anywhere else in the room and the bass can become boomy or drop off altogether.

    The rears, even thought they're bipolar, are too close to the seating position. Moving forward and sitting on the floor increases the rear sound stage a lot. Maybe I need to move them so they reflect of the rear wall?

    The sub, when set up right, does enhance music though. Very nice subtle effect (its got a slight peak - need to play around with its positioning, but I don't have much choice where to put it, or get a decent parametic equaliser in line with it)

    Anyway, I'd like to audition other centres (I'm looking to change the centre if I can find something thats good), any recommendations on a new centre and any tips on sub and rear placement?

    Also anyone want to bring a Philips 963SA to mine? I'd love to see what difference it makes over the Toshiba 210 :)



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