Anyone turn Ambilight off permanently?


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I've had my first ambilight TV for a couple weeks now and I'm not sure that I actually like it. I've already turned it down to the lowest brightness, and have am now trying with the idea of turning it of completely. I just don't think it is adding anything for me. The kids even complain that it detracts from the TV and makes the image appear darker.

I've a pretty good idea of the responses I'll get given this is a Philips forum! But I thought I'd throw it out there. It was principally the main reason for getting the TV, and am even toying with the idea of returning it and going back to LG.


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Well, if Ambilight is not to your liking, there is no point in paying for something you are not going to use at all. Just return it and get the biggest non-ambilight tv you can.


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Yeah I know that's an option but then this tv is meant to hold its own in this category regardless of Ambilight. So wouldn't be crazy to keep the TV with it turned off.

I know there are lots of ambilight fans, but was interested if there were others who were not fussed with it?

Allan Hun

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My wife adore the moving ambilight colors. But I find it disturbing when watching movies. So after a week I changed the mode so it provides a constant warm white color.
And so far my wife hasn't complained.
Using the ambilight as constant bias light enhance the perceived contrast and helps avoiding eye fatigue when watching movies in a dark room.

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