Anyone tried the E65 ?

Ekko Star

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I'm about to upgrade from my trusty E20. Was thinking of a HD unit like the E85 but need DV in so that's a no go.
The HS2 is still on the cards as that has most of the features that I want, but I would like a PAL PS unit really.

However am intrigued by the E65 as that is meant to be able to directly talk to a PC. It lacks HD but has all the other features I would be looking for.

Anybody tried one yet ?


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For some reason a lot of the places that previously sold the E60 don't sell the E65 at all. Has anyone else found this? I need firewire so the E55 isn't good enough.

What's this about connecting it to a PC?

Ekko Star

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Yes firewire is very important to me as well.

Apparently the E65 will "talk" to a PC running XP, which sounds like a very welcome and interesting development. None of the other models in the new Panasonic line up are touted as being able to do this.


I've got my e60 in for repair at Richer Sounds so they lent me an e55 and I have to say that I'm impressed. It has a better picture than my e60, but that could be because it's faulty (recover error).


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