Anyone tried Keene Syncblaster RGB SCART to VGA with PT-AE100E ? sidenotes on ProV


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Hi all,

been looking at Keene's Syncblaster which converts RGB to VGA friendly RGB+HV sync.

Has anyone tried it with the Panasonic PT-AE100E ?

This would solve all my PS2, Xbox and Gamecube connectivity problems and may give a better picture with Sky+ as the ProV hates very fast movement (The US Viewsonic version has a Sports mode option but not on the ProV).

Sidenote ProV
Did the filter removal mod on the ProV, it does improve things regarding noise and clarity. However its not that easy to solder in the bridging wires (1mm long wire).

It works great on 525/60 NTSC with 3:2 pulldown from a UK model 10bit 54Mhz video DAC Panasonic RV60 (same as US RV80).

However the ProV on 625/50Hz PAL forces the picture to 60Hz so fast inter-field movement is not smooth (try the Bloomberg ticker). A 75Hz option would fix this.

Note the ProV is still a bargain !


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