anyone still using the psp bigger nubs?


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got mine from psptree but after about 30 minutes of games playing imho they just dont give you the same motion as the original stick does.i think there overly big and definatley could be smaller.i was just wondering if anyone actually stuck with them after the initial euphoria of having a bigger analogue stick.
I only use mine when playing WE9 which is the game i bought it for.

Im not sure how the motion can be different it fits exactly the same except is just higher up.

certainly makes it easier to play WE9 for me and is much more comfortable


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I use a modded PS2 nub for certain games (TOCA Race Driver mainly)


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I find the bigger nubs come off far too easy and are pretty useless, the medium size ones are a decent replacement for the regular nub though.


The original stick is best since it is the perfect size for the psp. The others are just too big in my opinion. What do you think?

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