Anyone still got a Sony STR-DB930?


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Mine's four years old and still going strong :) Only one little niggle though...the display has the letters 'TA' illuminated in red on it, and dispite looking in the manual, I can't for the life of me work out what it means, or how to turn it off! Anyone got any ideas? I could reset the amp, but I'd lose all my settings...and I'm curious now it to was it means!


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TA usually lights up for travel announcements, this would be for RDS receivers/tuners etc. and can manually be set on or off.
I suspect that there will be an option to turn off, if not you may find that your listening pleasure gets interrupted by a broadcast about a traffic jam on the M40!!!


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Ahh...many thanks! I don't actually use the tuner, but at least I know now :)

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