Anyone selling a sub-£100 Subwoofer?


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Morning All,

I'm looking for a Subwoofer to put in my den but as you can see, I'm on a bit of a budget.

Would anybody happen to be upgrading and selling their existing Sub at the moment? I found this package on Ebay and was thinking of buying it just for the Subwoofer. However, I'm guessing, as the saying goes "you get what you pay for";

Please drop me a line if you can help.

Many Thanks,



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Subwoofers are bloody expensive for a really good one and there aren't many to be had at a budget price.
I am currently using a £50 special offer one from Richersounds, but it does it's job - you can't expect much for that price can you really, so I'm pleased with it generally.

The eBay one you linked looks like it will probably go for more round £200 (just guessing from the buy it now price) and it seems a waste if you don't need the speakers also.

Might be worth having a look here!
Tannoy EFX seems ok for price of £100
Mordaunt Short 308 Avant for £150 (£124 @ Peter Tyson) looks good too, plus it goes down lower.

EDIT: Just found this one, which looks interesting too.


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Where abouts are you m8?I have a yamaha sub sitting in the garage.


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I also have a Mission MS8 sub in silver I am about to sell, having just upgraded to a BK Monolith. PM me if at all interested


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Whay don't you post HEREafter all it is the correct place for such dealings.:)

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