Anyone seen the Samsung LW40A1


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Has anyone seen the Samsung LW40A1? Or any other Samsung LCD TV come to that? Are they really a good alternative to a CRT TV? I've seen small ones (< 20") which look pretty good but I'm curious about the quality on the larger screens?

Samsung UK are absolutely hopeless (web site and phone). They don't have any details apart from brief summary which you could fit on a postage stamp. They can't tell where I can see or buy it. I assume they don't actually want to sell it! :confused:

I've seen the LTM405W on the USA site (why do the USA sites nearly always have more in the way of product details, brouchures, manuals etc). I can't tell if it's exactly the same model although it does look similar. Although the UK model has the same high price it doesn't seem to have component inputs?

The USA site gives details like brightness 500, contrast 600:1, colours 16M (I assume 256 levels of grey?), lamp life 60,000 hours. I know my old 15" Dell laptop can do a very good job with a DVD although it does suffer from some colour banding and not very dark blacks.

Are the latest LCDs any better?

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