Anyone seen the Epson TW500...


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Sep 9, 2003
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... just wondered... cos it looks very nice :)

I wonder just how far you can go with LCD tho.

Increase the resolution... stick in 'Faroudja DCDi'... I mean what else can you do ?

I'd love to get a look at one of these LCOS PJ's as one chip DLP will never work out with me.


Finally got a demo of both Epson 500 and 200 tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes.

Stock already sold out here in HK though until next week.

I've got high expectations. After comparing Z2, Pana 500 and the old Epson TW100, the old Epson was head and shoulders above in terms of colour, resolution and depth.
Demo of the Epson TW200 very impressive. True and vivid colour representation and it's this that puts it ahead of the others in the same class for me. Not pin sharp in some wider landscape shots but definitely on a par if not better than the Panasonic 500 and Sanyo Z2. At 100+ inches the image was still sharp and detailed.

Only drawback seems to be a lack of Dvi -I or Dvi-D slot.

Unfortunately both the TW500 and TW200 Epsons are out of stock in the whole of HK until a delivery from Japan in mid-late March.

Will see the 500 next week but for the price, 30k HKD
(2112 Sterling) the 200 looks a pretty safe buy at 1042 sterling. Besides I'm guessing the technology is so fast moving, in 18 months time the same pjs costing 10k today will be down to a grand or so.

That said, I'm told that the 500 is jaw-dropping. We'll see.
Will you also get a chance to demo the new yamaha lpx-510, also are there any specs on this in hk? cheers inza
Haven't seen the Yamaha, Inzaman. I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know if I find it.
Saw the Epson tw500 on Saturday and have to say was not that impressed; although the connection was component and not

Picture was about the same as the TW200 and certainly could not see any visible reason to pay double the price.
Maisbrough, any particular reason that you weren't impressed c/f the TW200? I'm interested in the 500 as potentially the best LCD available but am having difficulty getting a side by side comparison with the HS20.

Both are only available at different stores and way different viewing conditions. Have you had a chance to compare both?

Btw TW500 has no DVI input so that'll be why it was running component.

The TW500 was fine, but I just could not see enough evidence to pay double the price of the TW200.

The 500 was more 'cinematic', the picture had more depth, but the colour and resolution seemed on a par.

Bear in mind though that the 500 demo was not side by side with the 200.

Anyway, got the 200 installed now and the picture is fine,. Just concerned with the Draper screen I bought. The texture of the screen makes bright or lighter scenes look murky, almost dirty.

TW500 have HDMI 1.0 input, so yes it has a DVI-D compatible input.

Also don't forget through HDMI, it will be able to produce 720p together with a DVI dvd player, which should make the picture substantially better.

I've only seen the TW500 on component, and I would say it is significantly better than the 200. Although in my current financial state I wouldn't be paying double the 200's price either! The TW500 is pretty much the best LCD out there, and I would buy it over the Sony just to not have to speak to Sony if anything went wrong :laugh:
Fired up the TW500 the other day to take a look. Pretty impressed, the colours are very good and the overall depth was ok.

Theres nothing that particulary blew me away about the picture.

Definately a good picture but I've been more impressed with other projectors in this price range.

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